05 450 exc carb problems

My bike is leaking gas when it sits with the fuel on. The float and needle seat seem to be fine, the float doesn't seem to be sticking. Its acting like the bowl is getting to full and fuell is comming from the overflow on the bottom of the float bowl. Thanks

This sounds very much like a faulty needle seat O-ring. This is a fairly common occurrence on FCR carbs that utilize an O-ring to seal the needle seat. These O-rings are available as individual items through your local Yamaha dealer.

If the needle and seat are indeed good then you need the o-ring. ^^^

Hey thanks a bunch guys. I'll take a look at it again first thing in the morning.

From past experience, the needle seat can be stuck in there pretty good and it's a pretty fragile item. If I were you, I'd order the needle, needle seat, and the o-ring all together. Another common item to fail are the o rings on the fuel inlet tube. You may want to order those o-rings as well.

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Adjust your float level (down) slightly, very common on the '05

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