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I thought I would share my recent experience with All Sports Protection. A lot of you may not have heard of them because they don't really cater to the dirt bike community. They sell gear oriented towards Mountain Bike and BMX as well as Ski/Snowboard but the reality is that they sell a lot of the same stuff you would get at a motorcycle gear retailer. They have brands such as 661, TLD, etc.

I first used them when I purchased a 661 padded under jersey. They had a better than average price, free shipping, and are only a couple days shipping from where I am.

I recently ordered a pair of Demon padded shorts to try out as an alternative to getting a softer seat for my bike. I placed the order yesterday and got a call from them today stating that they had just sold out of the size I needed and their next shipment wasn't due for ~6 weeks. They stayed on the phone with me while I logged on to their site and went through various other options for me to try out. They offered to price match some of the shorts that were more expensive because they didn't have what I originally ordered. I ended up getting a pair that were about $12 more than my original order at no extra charge and they told me that if I did not like them they would send out another pair I was interested in and pay the return shipping. The order shipped about 1/2 hour after I got off the phone with them and should arrive in a day or two.

Needless to say I am very happy with their service even though the item I purchased was not in stock (which can be very irritating when ordering online).

Anyway, if you need any protective gear such as padded shorts, knee or elbow guards, or a padded under shirt I would recommend checking them out.

It's nice to see there are still places that care about providing good service to their customers.

Shorts came in a couple of days ago. I am headed out for a ride today so I will report back on how well they do the job.

I got the Triple 8 Bumsaver 2.


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