Rim size. 1.85 on RM250?

Hey guys, just wondering what adverse effects would come from running a 1.85 rear rim instead of the stock 2.15 on a 250 2t? Too much tire "ballooning"? not strong enough?

I have an extra set of excels with talon hubs from my 125 and would like to put them on my 08 RM250.

What do you guys think?

Also I will be running a 110 rear tire.


no ideas?

It'll be fine with a 110. I did it on my 04 250.

I had 250f wheels (1.85).on my YZ450 with no problems

You might not notice a difference, but running a narrow rim can cause a loss of straightline traction because the tire becomes more round in profile. That is why factory race teams run really wide rims so the contact patch is maximized.

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