synthetic blend for breakin?

I was picking up a few quarts of oil for the break-in period (brand new 426) and the dealer told me to go with a synthetic blend even for break in. I've hear quite a few horror stories from people who have run synthetic oils for the break in period (on other bikes, not the YZ) but the dealer pointed out that the Yamalube 4R is synthetic and is recommended from day 1 (this dealer doesn't carry yamalube). What do you guys think? He was selling me the oil for the price he paid for it since I just bought the bike from him so I don't think that this was a proffit driven suggestion.


i would run the non syn i've always heard its not good to run any kind of syn untill broken in just change it early for the first couple of rides and keep the rpm's low but i'm no expert

A synthetic oil won't allow the rings to fully seat so I would hold off a couple of oil changes before you throw the good stuff in.


PK is right, the rings wont seat properly with synthetic oil. Use straight mineral based oil during break in period and change it frequently.


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