Honda dirtbike plastic ID

So i picked up these plastics at a flea market for a real good price but the guy didnt know what they went to. Im just wondering if anyone can ID them for me along with the year(s) if possible. They look to fit a full size bike 125, 250, 450, etc. I can get dimentions if needed. Heres some pictures

Rear fender:





Front fender:




from the looks of the front fender it looks like it is from a 04+ cr125/250 and I believe the rear fender looks like it would fit a 02+ cr125/250

they came off a o4 or newer 4 stroke my 150r has the same frnt fender

they came off a o4 or newer 4 stroke my 150r has the same frnt fender


What are the densions from tip to tip on the front fender?

Front fender tip to tip: 28 7/8"

Rear fender tip to tip: 28 3/4"

I just went out and measured my fenders and they are for a cr125/250 02-07. They would maybe fit the crf250s and 450s but not real sure.

thanks man, that helps a bunch

2004/2005 crf250r/crf450r

well they are for sale if anyone is interested. Shoot me an offer

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