Old Mixed Gas?

How old of mixed gas would you consider old and not worth using?:thumbsup:

Doesn't last anymore... we put it in the mower at 2 months old. It will gum up your carb at about 3 mos.

I used the same gas for about 3 months or so. Never had any issues with the bike, but decided it was time for fresh gas. Just drain your carb when you are done riding, and you won't have any issues with it gumming up or find non ethanol gas.

I have 4 gallons of gas from before I tore my bike down again and didnt know if it would be a good idea or not. I think I will just get new gas and new pre mix and continue to use the old stuff in the weed eater :thumbsup:

I use my old premix in my F-150 as long as the truck tank is over 3/4 full. I store premix for about 2 months. Only mix what you need.

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