2006 525 XC Vent Hose normal to blow clean air?

Noticed a good bit of air coming out of my tranny vent hose today. No smoke or oil and bike is running well as expected.

Is this normal? It's routed down toward the bottom of the frame, but I would think it should go somewhere higher (like the airbox or something)? Also, this is a california model, so maybe there was some emissions piece that was removed by the original owner.

Thanks for any feedback!

I think sx and xc models the hose is vented into atmosphere (just hangs somewhere). If you take a look at the carburetor, you see a place for the hose used on exc models, but in sx (and xc?) it is blocked. Drill it open and attach the hose there or at least put a filter on it to prevent dirt going in.

Yeah, the placement seemed a bit vulnerable. Is it normal for it to be blowing air like it is (can hear the audible puff puff)

Yes you can hear it, but it's more like in and out very quickly, nothings coming out really. It makes a strange sound indeed.

Your best bet is to add a Thumper Racing one way vent valve to the crankcase breather hose. This basically eliminates the possibility of dust or water from entering the engine.

right, watch the TR video and see what gets sucked in that hose

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