Dear department of conservation...

I live here in new york and in order to ride anywheres you need insurance, lisence, plates all that fake stuff, make it easier to ride in the US, the reason we dont stop for you is because we know you are going to give us a ticket, and bust our balls on how we dont have registration, insurance, plates, all that stuff, and here in new york we cant even ride dirtbikes or quads on stateland, and what does state land consist of? acres of woods and no ones lives there, and why can we not ride through state land? I hear one of these dec rangers are insane, this guy was showing his kids around on 90 fourwheelers and gave them tickets for no insurance and registration, there 8 YEARS OLD? and a few utility quads ran from him once, he has a ford f-150 truck and patrols a old road that got closed down, and he chases these utility quads 70 mph right at his bumper, even if they did want to stop they would get ran over, so please DEC make it easier for us to ride...

and when we run, why chase us, how many people have died here because of cops trying to give $40 tickets, expecially on snowmobiles, they are a little easier there but this one guy wouldnt stop for them and they were running 60 ski to ski, now the trail is only made for one snowmobile width, they pushed him straight into the tree and killed him because they crowded him

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