06 lost front brake

Need some suggestions from you guys. I have an 06 450 and just replaced the front wheel. While test riding it today the front brake stopped working. It felt pretty soft to begin with, so my question is does it just need to be bled or is it likely i need to rebuild the mastercylinder

Does it feel like you have pressure when you pull the lever, or does it just go to the bars with no resistance? If the lever feels ok, but you seem to have no stopping power it's possible you got something like grease on the rotor when you installed the wheel.

There is a little feedback at the lever, but it doesnt feel like anything more than the resistance in the lever assembly.

Have you checked to see if there's any fluid in the reservoir?

I can see the fluid thru the sight glass.

Try bleeding, but it sounds like a master cylinder failure.

Thought it might just need to be bled, but figured if i had to run new fluid through it i might as well rebuild it. But i have never had a mastercylinder fail b4 so i wasnt sure of the symptoms.

What is that white styrofoam looking thing floating in the fluid? It is the same shape as the reservoir. I have never seen that b4 either.

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