Tunnel in lost trails PA

guess i need some stronger headlights.....just followed the spec of light at end of tunnel...

Sweet tunnel, looks like your headlight wasn't even on until some water splashed up. And boy does someone have a potty mouth... :thumbsup::ride: :ride:

wow the new lost trails looks pretty epic! are your other videos with the cliff and what not also from there?

Sweet tunnel, that place is about 2 hours from me but never been there, is it fun?

I grew up riding that area.(the trails have been there forever the lost trails just put markers up) Be careful going through there cause there's old rail road spikes still in there. A few of my friends have gotten some nasty flats going through there.

hey do they allow 2 strokes there? their website just says no "obnoxiously loud exhausts"

I thought lost trails was a very scenic and great place to ride.... very. Very rocky.. we went about 2 weeks ago and the first layed out course of singletrack was open. But I think we were the first peeps to ride it cuz it was just some arrows on trees. So I could def see it being good in time once a few. More hundred bikes go through it. Basically we cut the trail. Def worth a day trip. We covered almost all of the grounds in one day. I have more video of lost trails on youtube under fastgixx75. The cliff view was amazing!!

Thanks for the info man, hopefully they allow 2 strokes.

going to check it out in prolly 2-3 weeks after i hit up the walden mx open practice this wknd

did they check any registration or insurance by any chance?

^^^ If your 2 stroke is louder than a current 4 stroke then something is very wrong with your bike.....

wow nice,your gunna need serious lighting equipment to see in there

^^^ If your 2 stroke is louder than a current 4 stroke then something is very wrong with your bike.....

i always thought 2 strokes were louder

I feel like they are a tad louder up close, but the deeper sounds of a four stroke carry sooo much farther. I can hear other 4 stroke riders coming from miles away.

That tunnel looks sickkk!

Imagine running out of gas in the middle of it!

That was awesome! You don't know what might be in there. :thumbsup:

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