What does everyone consider two rides?

When it comes to oil changes on two strokes what do you consider two rides? I always thought of a ride as being a tank of gas? Have i been doing this right or wrong?:thumbsup:

I do what I consider 4-5 rides. I ride usually thursdays and sometimes on a wednesday..always have a race on the weekend..usually one 5/6 lap practice, and 20 laps of racing 2 classes 2 motos 5 laps each moto. so we figure a half hours worth of racing total give or take every weekend..1.5 hours of general 'practice riding' where i dont really get on the pipe or throw the bike around. so 2 hours a week..sometimes more...sometimes less...but equals out about 7-9 hours total on my bike every month...now i have two bikes (selling to get the brand new ktm 250sx) but I race one full on and practice on it, keeping up on maintenance top notch and running good fluids, etc...my 125 i just don't really care about as far as investing a lot of money in an $800 bike so whenever it gets it...i guess it gets it. So every 3-4 hours I change transmission oil on the 250R. I always top off coolant, check oil level, make sure i run good gas, etc. before every ride but I'd say:

Ride,Race (or hard ride),Ride,Ride,Change transmission oil before race and so on...or about every 5 rides.....typically on a days outing I will run 1/2 tank so I'm at about 2-3 tanks on each tanks..I'd say you're good.

Sorry for writing a book:)

I think you're doing alright with the whole 2 tanks worth...pretty close to what I run.

I usually change mine about every 8-10 hours.

when it don't shift 'right'...change it.

For me, "Two Rides" is two long, full day rides that you come back with your butt dragging so hard that it's leaving sparks.

Going on a short hour or two zip doesn't count as a full "ride" in my book.

I go by the hour meter.

If it looks dirty when you change it then you waited too long. It should come out looking almost clean, as long as it comes out clean you should be ok. If it looks dirty that grime is hurting your tranny.

I do mine every 20 hours, and it looks pretty clean coming out.

I dont race or ride it hard... mostly technical slow trails.

Ktm recommends doing it every 30 hours, or 20 hours of race use. I follow that and it comes out looking clean. Shorten the intervals if you wear out clutches quickly.

Thanks everyone so much on clearing this up for me. :thumbsup:

Thanks everyone so much on clearing this up for me. :thumbsup:


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