front and rear wheel ID please help . tons of pics !

hey guys . i was told these would maybe fit my honda dual sport bike , but didnt dust off the hub castings till i got home to see they are kawasaki hubs ! :ride:

anyways , heres what i can tell you :

- the front rim is 21" with a 17mm bearing inner diameter . it has no provisions for a tripmeter.

- the rear rim is 18" also with a 17mm inner bearing diameter . they came with no wheel spacers or collars.

from what i found out on the net with the casting numbers F-1212 and R-1213 , they might be for a kx250 or kx500, but a site said the rear should be 20mm axle for that casting , but these are both 17mm :thumbsup: . let me know what you think . i need to sell them too. thanks guys ! ! !



21" front wheel


21" front rotor side


21" front non rotor side (notice theres no accommodations for tripmeter)


front casting F-1212



rear sprocket side hub


rear rotor side


rear casting R-1213


I am not saying the front is the following, just that it hassimilarities to, a 1989 - 1991 style KX125 / 250 / 500 wheel.

On the back, I do not know of any KX or KDX with a 17mm ID bearing. My 1987 KDX200 has 20mm and a drum brake. Mid to late '80's KX is 20mm, also.

Maybe they are from a KLR dual-sport??

Look on the side of the rims and post all the info you find. Some rims have a year code on them.

Someone obviously changed the rear wheel bearings.

R-1213 - 20MM AXLE OD - BRG TO BRG 135MM - ROTOR OD IS 220MM - ROTOR BOLT CIRCLE 6 ON 116MM – 36 SPOKES – FITS 89 KDX200, KX125, KX250, KX500

R-1213 - 20MM AXLE OD - BRG TO BRG 130MM - ROTOR OD 220MM – 36 SPOKES - FITS 90-94 KDX200, 90-96 KX125 KX250 KX500

F-1212 - 17MM AXLE DIA - BRG TO BRG 92MM - ROTOR BC 4 ON 116MM - FITS 90-92 KX125 AND 250 - 1990-1993 KX500

DUDE! Where did you get that info?

oem-cycle, don't forget the hyphen. He's the expensive guy from ebay, but has a decent database going.

Google, nevermind. Thanks for posting it.

The inner race looks VERY thick on that rear hub.

I had to post that way because TT puts "XXX-XXXXXX" in the url for that site.

Good case info too, that's what I use for people here.

ok . got more info for you guys ... heres two more pics of info i found on the rim . maybe suggests 07-1988 on the end? if it helps theres dual sport tires on it and he added makeshift wheel weights, so i would think it would be a 250+ cc bike for the road .. then again , people plate everything nowadays . as state in OP , the net states the rear should be a 20mm f-1213 , i was thinking the same thing about the bearings in the back being swapped out .

well once i find out for SURE what they are from, i will probably pop the original bearings in the rear (20mm) and sell them outright. dont see why anyone would want 17mm on the rear. maybe thats why he thought they would fit my honda xr600 with a 17mm axle?





well once i find out for SURE what they are from,

I posted what they are.

alrighty then .

so ,

the FRONT FITS 90-92 KX125 AND 250 - 1990-1993 KX500

and i dont have to change the bearings since its already 17mm OEM

and the REAR FITS 89 KDX200, KX125, KX250, KX500 AND FITS 90-94 KDX200, 90-96 KX125 KX250 KX500 .

and the rear i would order a new bearing kit to make it 20mm OEM .

thats about all she wrote eh ?

Yup. Someone fit smaller bearings in there for God knows what.

thanks , think i could sell em here or should i try the BaY?

also, i just ordered some kx250 86-96 bearings for the rear .. they should be fine .

noticed some kx500 wheels are 19" ... mine is a 18" , guess they made different sizes ?

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That could have been from a bike with an 18" rim or 19" rim. IMO, someone would want it more being an 18" for offroad use. More tire selection, trials tire, etc.

Try here and Ebay.

Will a read hub for a 90' kdx200 fit the rear for an 86' kx250

What are bearing size difference for an 90' kdx200 rear hub to an 86'kx250 rear hub

WTF is that on the front wheel screwed into the rotor?

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