Trail Tech Voyager

Just installed a Voyager on my 07 DRZ400. It looks cool and everything works except for the GPS... its doesn't track any satellites... any suggestions?

Congrats, got any pics?

Mine works well with the sats, please post pick on how yours is setup.

Contact Trail Tech. Best of luck.

I called Trail Tech... they said that it sounds like I got a bad GPS antenna... they are sending one to me two day air. It's nice when a company makes things right.

Here is my install photo...


I called Trail Tech... they said that it sounds like I got a bad GPS antenna... they are sending one to me two day air. It's nice when a company makes things right.

Here is my install photo...


Your install looks great, no obstructions, and good for trail tech for being a great company, for taking care of problem things like this.

I can also say that Trailtech is a great company to deal with. I recently called to get a new sensor cable and magnet kit to swap my old Endurance computer from my KTM to my Yamaha and they sent it all out free of charge, for no other reason than just to be nice. The lady was super nice. I've got a couple of Trailtech products on my bike, and I'll continue to buy from them because I know they take care of their customers.

So Thursday I got the new Voyager in the mail. Was quite happy to see that the GPS worked and it didn't have the quirks like the old one. Early this morning, I was riding home from work and discovered the back light on this unit doesn't work... :-/ Unfortunately it is now Saturday and I will have to wait till Monday to call Trail Tech...

sickpuppy, Id like to see a photo of your install!

sickpuppy, Id like to see a photo of your install!

will try to get some pics up today

I have the top part of my voyager just above the headlight/number plate, where it says Trail Tech on the front is where the antenna is, so I have that part just above.

Another thing is, if you are wearing goggles or sun glasses with certain types of coatings, this could wash out the display, the way to fix it is to have the display on a certain angle so you can see, it all depends how tall you are to how you set the angle, I have a pair of high end maui jim sunglasses I like to wear riding, they have almost every coating known to mankind, they do everything except see through clothes, but I have to have a proper angle with the voyager, not all sun glasses or goggles affect this.


antenna part just above plate


front view, where it says Trail Tech is the antenna




Looks great! The GPS on the second Voyager they sent me works well, now I just need one with a functioning backlight for night riding. How long have you had yours? Any problems? I would like to think that I was just lucky enough to get to randomly bad units and that the quality of the majority of the units is very good.

The back light is not very bright when hooked up to battery and bike running, but looks good at night, its just that my vapour was much brighter, Im wondering if there is a setting I havent found for it yet??

Ive had mine for 2 months now, everything seems normal to me.

Not to thread jack, but how does it stand up to offroad conditions, like water/mud, does the screen scratch easily, and lastly, how long will a battery charge last on it?

I haven't used mine off road yet, however the box indicates waterproof. I would bet it would be fine riding in the rain / going through puddles, but I def would not submerge it. The seal for the MicroSD card isnt the greatest. The box says it will last 8-10 hours riding with no backlight, and 5-8 with the backlight. The screen works really well, even in really low light. IMO you wouldn't need the backlight unless riding at night.

But you can tap into your bikes electrical system and have it charge while you ride.

Ive been through rain and mud, I used a light spray from my hose and things are good, just dont use a pressure washer or any chemicals on it, spray from a garden hose is ok.

I called Trail Tech this morning and discovered that I had a setting wrong that would not allow the backlight to come on. You are able to set how fast the battery inside the Voyager is charged by your bike. I had set it to trickle, vs fast. According to Trail Tech the setting must remain on fast otherwise the backlight will not illuminate because the Voyager's battery would be drained faster than it would be charged.

I am very happy that it was just me doing something wrong and not that I had another deffective unit.

So far Trail Tech has been very good to me and I would recommend the Voyager.

Has anyone installed a Voyager with the protector on a DRZ400? I'm not sure how to reinstall the ignition switch. They both conect to the back of the triple clamp.

Just got the Trail Tech Voyager myself, and recently got an 04 CR250R. Now I need to find a power source. Any suggestions ? Also new to two strokes, so Im in the learning curve.

What about on the RC Valve servo motor.

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