Crf 250 hard to start Hot and Cold please help

I have a 2005 crf250. top end done in 2009 and valves checked mid 2010. Took it to Glamis sand dunes for a week and ran and started great. Then i came back cleaned filter and went trail riding. It did not want to start so i bump started it and it was fine but when i would slow down it would die(only when idleing). After 20 kicks it started and it would die if i let off the throttle (bike was not cold) while idling only. So what is the problem. It doesn't idle hot(must be on the gas) and its hard to start cold and hot

I am using fresh gas, petcock is on and clean airfilter I use hotstart but does no difference. Bike is not flooded either.

Thank you for any help in advance

Sounds like a clogged pilot jet or passageway above it.

Is the fuel screw still in place?

Will it idle with the choke on?

After 20 kicks to get it started cold it will idle with choke but when its warm it wont idle with choke..

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