HELP!! Tyre Confusion

Hi Guys (and Girls),

I have just purchased a set of excel rims/talon hubs for my 2010 WR250F but am a bit stumped as to tyre sizes????

The rims are for a YZ ( yes they were cheap) so I have got 19" on the rear which I was going to reduce down by reducing the profile of my tire by 10mm. (I'm 5ft 7" and can barely touch solid ground as it is!).

My confusion is that Yamaha's website states that the standard tyre spec is 100/100/18, however they sold me a BRAND NEW bike with a 130/90/18 Metzler??

Sooooooooo what is the standard size??? i'm thinking I need 80 on the profile due to the increase in rim size, but what about the width??? I have heard people say anything over 110 on a 250F is NOT the way forward??


What brand do you guys reckon?? I ride enduro in Western Australia, mixture of soft mud/sand, pea gravel, fire roads, fair amount of rock.

Cheers Guys : )

I would look at a 100/100-19 or 100/90-19. As far as brand goes everybody has their own opinion on what is the best. As far as what I run is a Maxxis Desert IT and I am happy with it. For what you are riding you might want to look into a trials tire

And some mfg sizing is not exactly the same as a universal measurement. I'd go 100/80 for starters.

Thanks guys.

Sorry you will have to excuse my ignorance, but what does MFG stand for? and what makes you think going for an 80 profile over anything bigger?

100/90-19 is the stock TIRE size on yz250f's if that helps any. That's technically 100mm wide, 90mm tall which should equal a total radius of 663mm , or you could go with a 110/80-19 which would be 110mm wide, 88mm tall which should equal 659mm.

The stock 100/100-18 that is supposed to be stock on your bike is 100mm wide, 100mm tall with what should be a total radius of 657mm.

So you can't go wrong with a 110/80-19 or 100/90-19.

Oh, and MFG is another one of those shortforms that people feel the need to use, it somehow translates to Manufacturer.

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