450xcf mpg???

Anyone with an 08 or 09 450xcf know that they are getting mpg? I looking for something to compare to.

How are you looking to compare?


I may have a 505 but I can get 35-40 mpg on some trail rides. I can get 20mpg the next weekend on the same trails. There is way too much dependent on the rider, terrain, the guys you are twisiting the throttle with, etc... to honestly try to compare any kind of fuel mileage between dirt bikes.

Heck, even in races it can vary wildly. I have done loops at Hare and Hounds in SoCal where it was all I could do to make it 50 miles using a 3.2 gal IMS one race and the next I could have almost made it the whole way with out having to refuel.

Are you the kind of guy that tends to power through corners? Coast through? Shred berms? Pin it on straights or just cruise? Riding hardpack, or are you in some sandwashes? Just way way to many variables...

At least that is my opinion. It isn't like we are all riding/driving on a consistent surface (asphalt) at a consistent speed (70mph) as we do in a car where this kind of comparison could actually be validated.

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