What bars to run? what are you running?

I was riding my local track this weekend and I find that my bars are not super comfortable. They are CR mid bars fat bars on my 01 rm250.

I don't know squat about bar bends and how it is suppose to feel but on my old yz250f I had the bars changed to allow my body to want to keep my elbows up. I don't know the bend on those bars and the shop doesn't remember.

But the bars I have now the cr mid they force my elbows down and it is uncomfortable to keep them up.

I am 6foot tall I like a taller bar but like I said i just want it to feel right when my elbows are up. and not have my bars forcing them down.

what are you guys running?


Its just a matter of figureing what/how you want them to fit you while on the bike, i like to sit on the bike and get into position and see how they feel, then move into the standing position and do the same. I looseing the bars so i can wiggle them around to get them into a more comfortable position. The tricky thing for me was finding a bar with a sweep that i like. Currently have a Pro Taper Woods high bend


I'm a big fan of FLY racing Vintage bars. About the tallest bars I've found, and I like the width.

Bars are a tough thing to get dialed in but I think it's important for technique...

I am having a similar issue...coming off a 2008 yz250f and now riding a RM 125.

I seemed to be comfy on the yz bend but I also like the bars that I have on the RM...It seems to fit me since I am a small guy.

My advice...Figure out the bar bend that came on the bike you liked and go from there. Lucky for me, both bikes had stock bars so it was very easy to compare the difference when I rode them BUT I never really got it dialed in. I sold the yzf which was comfy...and the RM is comfy too:bonk:

I did try sweeping them forward and back and that was NOT good at all for me. I like the bars at the 0 degree mark on any bike...

If you can find the same dimensions as what u liked...i think that's a great starting point...maybe even buy the same bars and keep a log...

Good luck!!

I am running my Cr Mid bend bars at +2. I was thinking of going to a shop and just trying different bikes and their bars.

My atv has Cr High bend bars and I really them them but I don't know if the bars will translate the same from the quad to the bike. I think im going to sit on the bike and move my arms around until I find what the optimal position would be and look for a bar that is in that zone.

I am 6'3 and run Renthal Charmiceal high bend with a +10 bar clamp. They are tall, but I like it that way. I also race desert on the same bikes along with some trail riding, so this fits best. Now for pure moto, I would run the high bends without a +10 bar riser to get the bars down a bit to transfer your weight forward more for turning. Both my RM's have the identical set up. If you are only worried about your bars feeling like they roll your elbows down, then move them in the clamps more forward and pitched up a tiny bit on the ends.

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