How do I get rid of the pain in my arms?

It doesnt happen everytime, but sometimes when I hit a rough trail, after the ride my forearms and wrists hurt like a :ride:, how can I prevent this, and if it happens again how can I get rid of it faster then just waiting for it to go away? Any info would be nice... thanks :thumbsup:

Do a search on arm pump

I ride pretty much every day because of not much work lately... I find it the more you do it they less it hurts.. but I try to relax my grip on the sections that are easier, and try not to fight the bike to much if that makes any sense.

I'm not expert tough, just saying what I feel... I only started riding 2 month ago... but almost every day, dirt bike or downhill bike.

Arm Pump huh? Alright, I will do a search and see what I can find. Also I do notice that it gets a little better after a long weekend of riding, but all I do is work during the week so all I get it the weekend. Thanks for the info.

Might try a different bar bend.

Good nutrition, make sure you're well hydrated and get plenty of electrolytes in you if the heat is up.

Muscle cramps (arm pump) is from your muscles running out of resources and/or you being way out of shape.

More riding, some time in the gym and plenty of the right fluids will help.


Hey guys, arm pump is nothing new, the factory teams (and their doctors, trainers, etc.) figured it out years ago. But the intel provides a competitive edge and it is not shared. Here are a few pointers…

* Increase your cardio work-out: This will increase your blood flow capacity allowing more blood to reach your fatigued muscles. This is why marathon runners do not cramp up or pump up during a race. Do your cardio training with light weights and work up to heavier weights and increased duration.

* Build your core strength to take the load off of your arms and hands.

* Your muscles are trying to get more fuel (oxygen, water, nutrients) and flush out waste (lactic acid) so the more you can increase blood flow, oxygen concentration, and nutrient concentration the better. Caffeine and aspirin actually help with this process but not alone, you must add fuel and nutrients.

* Proper nutrition: natural multivitamin, B12, and products that have a C and selenium to provide antioxidant protection from the harmful free radical waste.

* Consume simple carbohydrates and a high quality protein prior to exercise to provide energy to fuel your muscles. Carbohydrates are converted into sugars by the body, which are absorbed and used as energy.

I personally take Rhodiola and drink a sugar free energy drink mixed with oxygenated water before and during my rides. Chew endurance cubes during the breaks and use recovery drink mixes after a ride to prep for the next one. We recently rode Hatfield McCoy’s rocky single tracks for 5 days and didn’t have any big problems using these suggestions.

I hope it helps. ROB

Well, I already have a great workout, I think the reason why it happens so much is that my bar bend might be a little low. I drink a lot of water on rides, and eat peanut butter sandwiches for the protein and carbs during breaks along with gaterade or powerade. Thanks for the info on the workout guys, now I know that its just my bars.

After exercise, get rid of the heavy bike. Mine cleared up when I sold the old DR350 and got a YZ250F.

i have the same bike, i went with upgraded suspension and the fat renthal bars that have more give and adjusted them higher, you may also want to get a steering stabilizer to relieve the pressure off your arms...the last thing you should think about is your riding style or the hard do you have to hold the handle bars, if you are a nervous rider because of the beast try to release some of the arm and hand pressure...

I'm not a nervous rider, me and Ol' Blue have been through a lot together and I know its every move haha.

Oh i see. Good for you to configure out. In terms with my dad, who've frequently before having joint pain. Although he had a best exercise and diet, he was advised to take a joint pain relief supp. particularly a High Potency Joint Aid. Not only it helps him to reduce the pain he felt but also to make a better joint health for the next months and years since he is an active runner, rider and athlete :eek:

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