WNC mx track


Anyone been to Matt Hamilton's track(Matt's practice track/Foothills practice track)? Is it any good? Worth going to? Is it beginner friendly?

I haven't been in a while but I'd say yes to all questions.

A good sandy track, I really liked it.:thumbsup:

Yep fun place, when the conditions are right. Beginner friendly yes, or you can combine table tops to go huge !

Okay thanks.

And I have another question or two...

How big is it? Is it deep sand or just a little bit sandy? And is it a rough track?

You have to keep a 125 pinned if it's deep sand and I'm just a beginner so I'm wondering if this will be a problem

The back section can be pretty horsepower robbing,lol. Most isnt deep, just sandy still pretty firm. He has lately been grooming quite a bit, BUT if lots of folks are there it can get rough, but hey its a moto track. I rode a 125 there plenty, youll be fine. Go have fun !

Alright thanks I think I'll give it a try. After all, I do only live about 30 minutes from it.

Is the mountain home track ever going to re-open? I literaly live less than 2 miles from it but it closed before I got a bike.

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