Exhaust System Compatibility

Hi Guys,

I am trying to get hold of a cheap system off Ebay but can't find many for WR's, but loads for YZ's.

Anyone know what year YZ systems will fit my 2010 WR250F?? Mainly talking headers as I believe most mufflers fit........?


06-09 i'm sure will fit. don't know about 10 headers. I have a 10 yz and borrowed my friends 06 megabomb header to see what the difference is. it's the bend after the bomb. The newer 10 headers don't tuck in as far due to the new motor mount on the side of the head. The older headers don't have the clearance to clear the motor mount. The rest looks the same. I bet the 10 header will fit older bikes but not vice versa.

ok cool. so you reckon I'm good to go with any header from 2006-2009.

Yeah I think you are correct in saying that the 2010/11 have changed, they certainly look visually a differnt shape.

Time to get the credit card out!! : )

If you want to be sure go to aftermarket exhuast websites to see who has product finder functionality on their website. Write down the part numbers for the models you're questioning and this will take the guess work out of it.

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