Rekluse with Hinson Clutch cover

Will a Hinson clutch cover work with a Rekluse EXP auto clutch system on my 2009 CRF450R?

is yours a exp or a exp core?

i think the exp will work with the stocl cover so yes the hinson would work

if its is the exp core you would need a 5mm spacer/gasket

Thanks for the info. I'm going to buy the Rekluse EXP Core. Where can I get a 5mm spacer?

the COre EXP comes with the clutch cover

Exactly. For $900 you also get the cover lol. I'm just gonna get the exp first since it's $500 cheaper lol.

the core comes with a larger cover. rekluse makes a spacer

Yes, you can use any cover with Rekluse EXP.

Core EXP requires the use of a Rekluse cover which comes in the Core EXP kit. I would not recemond using thick gaskets with Core EXP as it puts too much stress on the engine case in the event of an impact and could result in broken cases.

In the future, if you want to upgrade to Core EXP from EXP, you can do so for only the cost difference between the two.

Thanks for your support.

So basically I can buy these in steps??? That's why I love rekluse!!!!

my rekluse Core EXP came with a 5mm thick gasket spacer.

i ordered the update kit but havent installed it yet, i have put the cover on it tho. i really want the 2.0 update also. but it works so good right now haha


The very first versions of Core EXP did come with gaskets, but it different now. You are correct.

So basically I can buy these in steps??? That's why I love rekluse!!!!

Correct! $399 now and the Core EXP upgrade kit for Christmas. Ho, Ho, Ho!

So if i have a exp core the original model the upgraded for it is now ava? how much?

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