Exaust Help PLEASE!

Hi guys,

I need help ... are there any exausts in this world that would make a bike quieter.. its for a four stroke..and if u need to know the bike is a 250sxf

please help

thx :thumbsup:

you could put a end can from a exc-f of the same model on it and it will be way quieter but will also be more restrictive and rob a bit of power

Yes there is, but unfortunately not many. One that I can think of right now is from FMF, its the Q4 series, mate that with a mega bomb header and you will have a quieter bike, that still has power.

akra slip on, comes with full spark arrestor and on my bike was a lot quiter than stock pipe, maybe an muffler off a 450 mate, not quite sure but they may be a little longer and reduce your db

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What type of riding do you do?

I have tried the stock can with PMB SA end and fresh repack=still loud. Went to an 06 525EXC stock can with SA and fresh packing=still loud but maybe slightly less loud.

In my experience the absolute quietest muffler out there is the Q4. Everything in life is a trade off so you'll lose a little power compared to an exhaust with a quiet insert but if you after the quietest solution go Q4. Unless you're racing MX I seriously doubt though you'll even notice the slight loss of power.

If you are only after quieter go with a 94 db insert but stay on top of your packing. Inserts reduce flow which increases heat which decreases packing life.

Guys who run inserts but run the 13 dollar packing must really enjoy repacking or don't mind bikes that don't stay quiet very long after they repack.

You get what you pay for.

I had a Q4 on my 250 XCF-W and replaced it with an SXS 10450512 Akrapovic. It is much quieter with the quiet tip/spark arrestor in place.



leo vince is a nice one....i thank its better than a Q4....

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