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87' xl600 new battery gets drained while running

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Ricky stator installed a year ago. Been starting on the first kick and no issues for a while. Old battery would not charge while riding. Replaced with new battery and all was well, until 15 min. into ride all lights began to dim and eventually did not work. In morning after test ride turned key and green neutral light was dim so it seems the drain or lack of charge is only while running. Will have to do more tests with meter but I speculate the voltage regulator is not doing it's job and the battery is not getting charged? Will the bike still run fine with a bad voltage regulator because the bike runs and starts fine (minus the lights or anything dealing with ac)? Thought at first it could be a bad ac regulator but with new battery, lights where working fine until riding it drained all the juice. Haven't counted out a bad connection some where causing to much resistance or a short. Won't even think of the ricky stator not doing it's job! 1) Battery not getting charged or 2) battery getting drained?

In the dark for now.:thumbsup:

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