Best replacement pipe for 07 wr 144

We wrecked the stock pipe on my son's 07 125/144 this weekend.

We installed the Husky 144 kit in it.

What is the best replacement pipe for this bike?


I have the FMF Fatty on my 08 CR144.

Thanks for the reply. That's what I'll probably be putting on it.

Any comments on the 144 kit for the 07? its time for a full overhouling on mine and would like to hear if the 144 is the way to go. In case positive where should i look for this kit to buy? Many thanks in advance.

I did 144 kits on both of my sons bikes over the winter.

They race the "A" Class and absolutely love them. The best upgrade you can make to the 125's.

More bottom and more mid power for the Hare Scrambles that we race.

Thank you, seems to be the way to go. Where to buy the kit? What about EG 144 kit?

I just had EG upgrade my 125 to a 144 and it's awesome...very issues so far...6hrs on it...its been great...he's tough to get a hold of but great to work with...super nice guy...quality work as welll:):smirk:

P.S.- Everyone loves the bike:)

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