EURO KTM 350SXF what spring rates for 160 pound rider?

just brought my self another ktm, second hand 350 with only 22 hours on the clock the bikes has a few extra goodies ride engineering 20mm tripple clamps with the showa damper and the ride lowering link on the linkage and a full fmf exhaust system :thumbsup: ...suspension is stock with 48/5.4 springs, right now the the suspension feels a little hard on bumps and rides to high in the stroke almost so what springs do i need and do i need to revalve if i drop spring rates? my 250sxf runs 44/5.2 and they work great can i run the same

i would go 5.2 but not as low as 0.44, i would use 0.46, the wp forks need more spring than most forks.

i weigh nearly the same and could not get good sag with the std rear.

do i need to revalve the fork and shock after i drop rates or vice versa..and would it be a good idea if i could try a 0.45kg fork spring where you think i could get one?

you could just fit your 250 suspension , if it rides great copy that ?cheap way of testing

i was thinking the exact same thing the 350 is a bit more heavier so might sag a bit?? but worth trying ill tell you how it goes, but with my other question do i need to remove shims/revalve to acomidate for lighter springs

not for such a small change

Heya,tried the 250sxf suspension with 44/5.2 springs and surprising it wasn't actually half bad the front end sort of tucked down under braking a bit more then the 250 but other then that wasn't bad the lowering link held the back up and made it a slight bit firmer in the beginning of the stroke and definitely worked well with the 5.2 spring but I reckon I could make the 44 spring work well with the 350 like you have said b4 more bladder pressure and a tighter float on the mid

But I starting to wonder if I'm trying to get the forks to hold up with the valving and not the correct spring rate ?? I wonder if the bike would still turn ok with a stiffer spring all I want is the fork to hold up in the braking bumps and and regular braking so the travel is being used efectivly but I'm happy with valving not sure where to put the money

well it's always a compromise , the fork has too much float so that needs to be sorted and that will hold it higher , do that and test

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