2011 rmz 450 efi tunning

hi all first timer from australia

got a new bike the other month a 2011 rmz 450 and loving it.

got a fmf powerbomb factory 4.1 system from the states with the high aussie dollar.

anyways enough rambling just asking the knowledge of the world what others have done to make the most of the exhaust system with efi tunning? i read that yoshimura have a cherry bomb for the rmx 40 that give it another 7hp

just asking what people have done and what has worked well and what didnt get much results.

thanks in advance

Best thing Yoshi full system gives more power then the fmf yoshi and suzuki build and test together and a full system yoshi is only about 500 buck also renagade oxygenated race fuel mx4 gives about 4-5 hp on a 450. havenmt tried any programmers or anything yet i have an rmx and did the yoshi bomb and full exhaust on it and it friggin rips.

Got the 4.1 FMF muffler with SA and using the stock header on my 11 RMZ450. The FMF smoothed the power and slowed the throttle response (esp down low) compared to stock...so I put in the leaner EFI map coupler and that made it more responsive and seemed to improve the power and now feels really good with our current high temps (low 90F range).

DoH! should of done abit more research on my pipe selection before pruchase but oh well im still happy with it. have heard the yoshi bomb is the way to go on a rmx good to hear ya happy with it.

with running the race fuel was there any mods done to engine or is it stock? depends who you talk to sum say you gotta run high comp piston and new cams??

I was reading on this forum a couple weeks back that running the leaner plug feels good with response but isnt the best thing for alterations to the exhaust that infact you want to richen mixture with better exhaust flow?? running the lean plug could shorten engine life also they said?

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