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Hi guys, just joined here looking some help, i recently got a 1984 rm125 as a project bike.

having some trouble with the suspension. the shock that came with it needs a fair amount of work done, as in it needs the shaft rechromed and honed, th estimate is around £300, but i have been offered a 1986 one for £100, what im wondering is will a 1986 shock fit


I am sorry, I don't know it for sure. but I doubt it.

the 1984 and 1985 RM had the same chassis. the 1986 was different, especially the linkage - they switched from the excellent full floater system to a weird eccentric cam system...

Im in the same boat as you. I picked up a 85 rm250 shock (I too have 84 RM125) and am hoping it will fit OK. It appears to have more adjustment than the buck-twenty five shock. I just did a top end but need to find out why my clutch wont disengage....then the shock goes in. I will post results when I get er done

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