Octane boost

Hey wuts up guys, I use the highest octane I can get which is normally 93 higher if I find some. My question is does anybody use octane booster? If so which kind what ratio u mix at. I ride mostly trails. Tracks every so often. Bike runs good. But I do notice sometime when I pull the clutch in and coast down a hill it dies, Idk If it was the plug I changed or not just got the bike not to long ago and it had a autolite plug. I replaced with the iridium Ngk 20 dollar plug Lol. But yeah I was turnin my idle up to prevent that but then it would just idle to high. I'm new to 4 stroke ESP. These race motors. Any suggestions thanks!

I doubt higher octane will help keep it running at idle. I would play with the idle setting. Stock is 1800 rpms which is ok for track, but trail, I would lower it a little. I set mine lower for trails but haven't been able to ride yet due to injury. It wouldn't hurt to clean the carb and check the float height too.

Use pump premium. Any higher will just reduce power output.

Always ruy the lowest octane fuel your engine will tolerate.

If you bike stalls at idle either the idle speed os set too low or the fuel screw is set wrong or some other carb issue.

Thanks William.. I won't use any additives. And I just had the carb off and cleaned the carb. It's runs damn good and only dies sometimes when on the trail. Gotta be the idle screw.. And are the floats even adjustable. Thanks guys

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