After good(cheap) ktm and kawi dealership near seattle(importing bike australia)

Im looking at importing a bike from the US to Australia and the importers have there warehouse in seattle . I will be looking at buying a bike in crate form and being shipped to there warehouse.

The cheapest bikes i have seen are in california what would it cost for freight to seattle approx.

I was looking at getting a runout 2011 kxf250 or a ktm 250f but could be tempted to get a 2012 if a good deal comes along.

If it all goes according to plan i will be looking at 2500-3000 dollar discount to what i can get here at home.To much to pass up.

Any help or advise would be appreciated


sorry how does this work? you buy a bike from a dealership in the USA and get it posted to a company and that company ships it to Australia? Sounds good but there must be a ton of paperwork to do for it to be legit. What company are you going through? any details? i'm interested :thumbsup:

Have you factored import taxes into account?


I emailed a importer in brisbane they bring over 2 containers about every 8-10 weeks.He told me in an email that it cost 1000aus to ship it over plus 10% gst i assume for customs. The paper work is a looked after by them i guess since im using there container and my box is just going for a ride:excuseme:.

I just did a quick search and found a 2011 kxf250 for $5199US in cali. not including freight to seattle that would be approx $6500AUS!! cant be missed.

Cheapest Ive seen in australia is 8300 advertised

hey man question i wanted to do the same thing get a bike imported. how much is it going to cost you to get it from usa to australia?

You could look into hinshaws as well

Hi, I'm in Melbourne and am interested in this too.. the price difference is too much to ignore. Are there any registration/compliance issues to deal with?

shipping is around $500 from cali to seattle. i was looking at picking up a leftover husky from southern california a few months ago and this was the ballpark price i was quoted.

this is the shop i was dealing with and they had contact info for a few shipping agents.

good luck bud.

Thanks schrode and mitch much appreciated.

Manu, The bikes we get i can only guess are the same. i cant see them kaw etc making an australian specific model. I would think it would be the same as importing a car. You see so many mustangs everywhere you go so it cant be hard.

I used to work for the RTA in South Australia and we would handle imports. The rules for cars is that if the Vehicle is sold locally, you can't import it. Something about supporting Australian dealers. Same for road bikes.

I don't know if it is the same for Motocross bikes but you might wanna check it out before it gets to the docks and they won't release it.

Hmmm, interesting. i've just started looking into this myself. From a motocross bike perspective- I've been told it isn"t possible for Road bikes because of ADR and the above mentioned Laws as well.

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