brand new ssr 160r problem

ok i just got this ssr 160 brand new out the box.. after break in... i noticed in the wood/ trails when im going up a hill or riding a wheelie it bogs down and will some times cuts off if i dont give it a lot of throttle... i took it to the track on sunday.. it was way worse... also it backfires off of hard accelerations... i felt like a poop butt.. cause i was the only one there having bike issues on my brand new chinese pit bike... please help.. thanks in advance..

You need to take the carb apart and clean it good. Bikes are checked when assembled, but then taken back apart and crated. So the gas residue just sits in them until you get it out of the box and put it together. It is more than likely just a partially clogged jet and nothing more.

Also the backfire on deceleration, means you need to tweek your fuel screw a little bit. Make this adjustment after you clean your carb well, and the bike is warm. You MUST clean your carb first prior to adjusting your fuel screw. Hope this helps

ok thanks... ill try that...

The SSR 150 that I bought came lean (it felt like the carb was a transplant from a smaller bike, and they forgot to change the jetting out for the larger motor). On the Molkt 26mm, try a 25 mikuni pilot jet and the 102 keihin main. I got it to run reliably the whole day with that. Also, unplug the vent hose on the fuel tank, when the gas gets hot it clogs up and expands, and pushes fuel into the carb, flooding it. Trust me on this, it happened to me every single time I raced the bike, and even on a testing day. No problems now that I've replaced that shorty vent hose with a longer one (rerouted vent gases somewhere else).

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