Rear Sprocket and Chain Guide

Hey guys...this is my first post...I have just recently got a 2009 KX450F and I have been out of the dirt bike scene for about 15 years. I am going to get a new chain slider as mine is worn so were my chain is starting to touch the swing arm. I am not sure if I need to order a new chain guide as well. Can you look at these pics and let me know if its worn enough to purchase a new one?

Also, how's my rear sprocket look? Getting close to replacement?


Chain Guide -

Sprocket -

Adjust your chain before throwing money at new parts. Mine touched the swingarm after my first few hours, then I adjusted it and it has been good since. I am still on the stock DID chain at 10 hours and it is holding up very well.

That's not a stock chain guide. It still has plenty of life left in it. The sprocket also has some life left in it but you will need a new before very long. Once the teeth have that "fishhook" look to them they are done.

Acerbis make a great chain slider that won't break the bank.

Thanks for the replies. I found that Acerbis chain slider for about $25 which I am going to order....

Yeah, I figured I would need a new chain, front and rear sprocket....soon....

I don't know about the '09 but my '11 ate through the stock slider in about 5 rides. Loose , tight , or just right the chain would eat right through the stock slider. I put a Acerbis slider on before an Arkansas trip and it lasted 6 hours before I saw the swingarm. Switched to a o-ring chain and T&M Designs slider and guide and the problem was solved.

I have an 11 as well, was considering moving up a tooth on the back but can't remember the rule for the front. If you go up 2 teeth you go up one on front? Hey Cirus, where at in Arkansas? I grew up in Jacksonville, AR but live in Virginia now.

One tooth on the front is equal to 3 1/2 teeth rear.

Hey Cirus, where at in Arkansas? I grew up in Jacksonville, AR but live in Virginia now.

Wolf Pen Gap near Mena. Where is Jacksonville at?

It's about 20 minutes north of Little Rock on 67. It's actually the city that Little Rock Air Force Base is in.

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