checking valves

Hey guys, i have just put new valves in my bike and have done 6 hours on the bike, i have been told that the clearences should be checked and reshimmed? is this correct? and if so will it damage my valves if idont get them checked.....

anytime you change valves or during intial break in of a brand new bike there is the possibility that the valve will settle in and might need to be re-shimmed to get the lash back in spec..

yeah after you cut your valve seats the new valves will seat themselves some and probably need shimmed

The bike seems to be running nice still, what happens if i do not get the clearences checked, will the valves where out easier?

You should check them to be sure.

But if they do settle in, it will not be much.

With less clearance there will be less valve wear, right up until the point where you burn the valve.

But if it just settles right below the tolerance, all will be fine.

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