TRADE? Need your opinions

Ok, without getting bashed for trading a dirtbike for a quad (I have other bikes) give me your opinion on something...

I have a 2000 CR250, which is in near perfect shape. I take very good care of my toys, and replace everything as needed. Bearings, tires, fluids, top end, filters, etc etc etc are all new and fresh.

There is a guy who has a 2006 TRX 450 that he wants to trade straight up. He also has several bikes and quads, wants a 2 stroke 250 to run woods, and doesn't get much use out of his quad. He says its in great shape, will need tires all the way around. He bought it off a rich kid who had 4 brand new different quads and never rode it, and he said he's put about 6-8 hours on it.

Obviously I'm not taking his word on anything, and will ride it, and will check it out from head to toe, but if everything checks out.... am I getting a pretty good deal here?

I can't imagine that a 11 year old 2 stroke is worth the same as a decent newer 450 quad?

I'll have it looked over and the valves adjusted and whatnot (i'm brand new to 4 strokes), but unless there is major issues (which I feel I could detect while riding it) I think i'm getting a pretty good deal. I've wanted to add a quad to the collection for a while now, seems like a good opportunity even if I just turned around and decided to sell it.

2000 CR 250's generally go for around $1100 - $1600 around here. I paid $1100 for mine and put a fair amount of work into it (not a ton of cash though)

Long winded, I apologize, but let me know if you would jump at the opportunity, would approach cautiously, or would steer clear altogether.

The tires are the original stock tires, and have a little bit of life left, not much, which suggests it has a few hours on it, but not many. A 450 will shred its stock tires in no time, no?

In my area the quad in good shape is worth over 3K. I would trade and use the quad strictly as a sand dune toy.

No dunes around here, plenty of coal hills and mud though. Not to mention snow in the wintertime. I agree.... they seem to be going for about that price around here too.

I am a quad guy lol raced them for 3 years just got a dirtbike. The stock tires wont wear as quickly as u would think, so if it has little hours on it with no tread then the kid beat it on the street. the 06+ 450r's are more powerful than the 05s an under but the 05 motor are the most reliable, the tranny in the 06 450r's arent the best. I wouldnt trade for it unless it is in amazing shape like your dirtbike, also, unless it is an old guy who owns it, it has been beat. Check for cracks in the frame because the frames are well know to crack, check the subframe for bends, and when u test drive it dont get scared if you hit false neutral inbetween the 3rd and 4th it happens on a lot of hondas. If i were you id look around for a nice clean 05. And if your not honda biased, get a used kfx450r, 09 and up, they have terrible value after they leave the dealer so ppl sell/trade em cheap. i had both and i like the kawi better let me know if you have any questions i am sure i could answer them

thats a 2k quad around here, make sure it starts easy check for excessive case wear, etc, but it sounds like a good trade to me

If it needs tires, it's got a fair pile of hours on it. Or it was driven on blacktop it's whole life.

Thanks for the advice. I'm going to be checking it out this week. I think I'll ultimately go with the trade seeing what these things are selling for around here, but I'm bringing a 4stroke/quad friend with me to help look it over with a fine toothed comb.

I've wanted a quad for a while, mix it up a bit, winter really cuts into the riding season. Not enough snow to justify buying a sled, but enough to keep the dirtbikes in the garage.

I got quads and dirtbikes in PA.. You aint riding that trx450 much more than you are the dirtbike. Granted its OK when there is just an inch or so on the ground but so is a dirtbike. More snow than that and it sux. You really need 4wd if ur trying to ride in the winter.

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