Bridge tolls go up


What the hell? Did anyone hear that as of 7/1/11 the bridge tolls went up from $2/axle to $3.50/axle? Yeah I was shocked and found myself pissed off. Crossing the bridge with bike and trailer was $10.50 instead of $6. Not much but still its another damn tax :thumbsup:

I watch the news everyday and didn't hear anything except it was going up for trucks. Feel bad for the truckers. Glad I don't have a monster toyhauler lol

Yes it is a F'kn rip off!! I will make sure I have a jar of Vasoline the next time I pull my toy hauler over the bridge!!:thumbsup::banghead::ride::ride::banana:

In the newspaper it said that in 2012 it will go up to $5 an axle!

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