TTR-90 Replacement Carbs

I have a 2000 TTR90 with a Mikuni 19mm carb. The bolt spacing on this carb is 42mm center to center. All replacement 19mm carbs have a bolt spacing of 48mm center to center. Is there an aftermarket carb or adapter plate or intake that will solve this problem or do I actually have to get the Yamaha OEM carb.

Is it necessary to have the carb heater on this bike? Will it affect starting or operation in any way.

I realize it's an old thread but i have the same question...Which mikuni carb works as a replacement of the stock one?

A little performance improvement is a plus but not required, just looking for a replacement that will let my kids be able to start it without having to pull the plug, dry it, and then get some ether. :)

I've read the VM22 works but haven't heard if it's a direct repalcement or if some other mods have to be done.

Thanks for any help.

And it's for an 05 ttr 90.

Still interested if anyone has an idea about which replacement carbs will bolt onto a 90.


Did you ever find one, I need one now

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