What to look out for in a used 98 YZ400 ??

I'm looking at a 1998 YZ400 and woundered if there is certain things to look for. The bike had a new piston,rings,cylinder, and the valves adjusted not long ago. It has 3 sets of bars,fmf powercore 4 and original silencer, 2 sets of rims (factory and excel gold), 5 different rear sprockets, factory connection suspension and more goodies. The bike needs some cosmetic work and seems to run well. He said he would take $2800 for it. I could see that it needed two new tires,rear wheel bearings, new plastic and graghics,and grips. Is $2800 a fair price needing these items ? Is there anything about a 98 I should know about ? I owned a 2000 426 in the past, will the 98 perform as well ? Any advice is welcome. Thanks to all for this great forum.

Sounds like a pretty good deal...If the bike starts and runs quietly from the head...I'd take it. The suspension is good for the bike but may me clapped out..check it to. So far I'd say the 98's are as reliable as a claw hammer, even the ones ridden hard. Even if you have to make some mechanical changes, you want lose money. Go for it..but better do it quick ..there's alot guys visiting in here that would jump all over that if they could find the guy.

Replace the timing chain if it has not already been done. They grow after a while. You can install throught the magneto opening.

But remember guys...logg is buying a 98' YZ400 for $2800. This is ALOT cheaper than a 00' or 01' 426! You have to ask yourself is it worth double the money for 26cc? Are you a fast racer who needs 26cc? or the weekend warrior? It is all about your needs and cashflow!

I would hands down take the 426 over the 400 on any day of the week! I have ridden 2 98' YZ400's (one was stock and the other was slightly modified) and one 00'YZ426 (and of course my 01' 426)! When I got off the 98 400's it felt slow...it didnt have near the snap that my 01' has and took awhile to rev! I am not saying that it was slow by any means, but the 426 is WAY more fun to ride! The 00' 426 was just as fast as mine, but my 01' zipped through the powerband MUCH QUICKER and left roost all over anyone who was following to close! Sort of like this:


I think it all comes down to how heavy your wallet is! And what type of riding you do



I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

Friendswood, TX

I have the funds to buy either a used or a new 426. I just ride on the weekends with my 8 year old and do not race. I owned a 2000 426 and loved it. I'm not sure why I even sold it. I think I was affraid it was soon going to start hitting my wallet. When I sold it, I had every intension to buy an 01 426 or an 02 something. Now, I'm not sure if it's smart to loose 3 grand in 3 years when I could find a nice used bike that has already taken the big $$$$ hit. This 98 I looked at was not new but did seem to run well and had all the receipts to back up the engine work that had been done. I just know nothing about a 98 YZ. On the other side,New is New and you know what you've got.

if u dont but the bike let me know where it is at i would take it. :)

If you had said the connecting rod was replaced I would say buy it. If it was not, don't. I bought my 98 a year ago, it came with more trick desert stuff than you can imagine, as well as a brand new motor. The guy I bought it from had replaced all the stuff you =named, but not the rod. Three races later the rod broke. He spent $2000.00 fixing it, and sold it to me for $4000.00. I rode for 8 months before it dropped a valve. IMO go for the 2001 426. It is an all around better bike. Better everywhere. Stronger, more reliable, better handling, more power.


Pretend it's flat and give it the gas.

Logg, save your hard earned $$$ for the 426. You will be much happier......

Why go with the 426? Please don't take this to be offensive. I've smoked tons of 426s with my 400. I think it's mostly the rider in my opinion. I also have no personal experience on a 426 so don't take this as hard evidence. I'm just a rider that is stoked with my 400. Is the 426 that much different then the 400?



When in doubt, GAS IT!

What are you, YELLOW?

SRHK100----there is nothing wrong with the 400. The 426 just does everything better, The 98 400 is notorious for questionable/quirky carberation, crappy suspension. Now they are approaching 4years old. The current 426 is heads & tails above a 98 400. It should be, it is the 4th edition of a great bike. Do yourself a favor: Ride one. You will be surprised at the all around smoothness motor, carb, suspension....

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