Are these the same?

I bought a stock 2003 YZ450F exhaust from the classifieds here on TT, but the guy said that he might have accidently sent his stock 2004 YZ250F exhaust. Are thes practically the same thing? I know the 450 puts out a lot more, but do they use the same pipes and will the 250 work on the 450? If not, the guy said he will refund my money until he is able to send the 450, so if it doesnt than no worries. :thumbsup:

Looks the same from a distance, but they are not the same. It will not fit if he did send the 250F muffler.

I'm not saying intense is wrong, but I know a guy who has an 05 yz450f with an fmf full system that is for the same year 250f...

The exhaust piping is smaller in dimension on the 250f, vs the 450. Im sure with a hammer a poor fellow could get it to work.

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