Overflow bottle poll

I just got my new BRP home and after looking at it it seems that that bottle has to go. It would be a pain to keep that area even somewhat sano with the overflow bottle there. Do you remove yours?

Left mine intacted. Most times when you bath the PIG you need to drop the skip plate anyhow. With the skid plate off the bottle is not a problem. Make sure to remove the skid plate also before you change the oil. Made that mistake once.

Took it off. Put a 1.8 cap on the radiator. Runs great.

I would leave it on, it's not un-normal to have a little coolant flow into the tank when the bike heats up. When the bike cools back down a little, the coolant in the tank gets "sucked" back into the radiator. Without the tank, any coolant overflowed is lost. I also don't like jacking up the coolant pressure by using a 1.8 cap, you increase pressure from 16.1 psi to 26.5 psi, that's an increase of over 50%!

Now if I could find a cap rated at lets say 1.3(19 psi)then I might feel comfortable.

I've been riding with MX bikes that have no tank, and in some tight riding, those bikes have "spit" some of their coolant, and then they are low when the bike cools off.

I've built a lot of race cars, and had coolant tanks on every one, and not just to keep coolant off the track.

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