03 WR450 Electric start problems

I have an 03 wrf450. Last year I rode all year with a dead battery (just always kick started it). This year I went to put in a new battery to use the electric start. The battery is fully charged (has a 12.78 v reading). When I press the button to start the bike it sounds like the battery is almost dead. I get three tries, each time the battery seems to get more and more tired. After the third time the bike won't even turn over I just get a clicking sound. When I check the battery it still shows a 12.78 v. I can kick start the bike and it starts. When I turn it off and try the electric start again I get another three tries until the battery seems dead and I only get a click. The bike sometimes does start within the three tries, but my problem is if it doesn't. I have the same model battery on a little go cart the kids use and it seems like they can turn the cart over 30-40 times before the battery gets tired. Any ideas?

Hi mate I have the same issue on my 2004 > the battery was a cheap one about 3 months ago from ebay it was fine to start with ( no pun ) but the other day on the trail it would not spin the motor over. I alway kick from cold and only keep the e start when hot.

When the battery is charged for the mains it's coming up at 15 volts when you spin it over the volts drop to 7.5 .I'm going to take it into to my local bike shop and let them test it to see if the battery is faulty.

I changed the clutch the other day and I hope that this not dragging the engine down . Let your bike shop test the battery you will find that the voltage drops big time when the load is on it.


my 04 did the same thing, but it was the starter itself....brushes were toast, bunch of dirt in them, etc.

Running an electrical system that needs a battery with a bad or dead battery is never a good idea, FYI.

Anyway, I'd have battery tested but sounds like the starter is toast. A cleaning and/or rebuild with new brushes should fix it.


Just got back from the bike shop and the battery is US, once under load it fails so time for a new one.


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