Places to ride in South Florida

I am interested if anyone has any trail/ mx riding spots in the S Florida area.

I have been to the Air Dania SX track. I have heard of one in homestead.

Thanks for the tips.


I am looking in the same area too. Where are you located? I'm in Palm Beach Gardens. I have seen a few spots from the turn pike near lake worth and I'm going to try to check them out this weekend. I've also been told that there is a track for MX and hare scrambles in okeechobee. I'll post more info when I have it.

Do you guys ever visit the site? theres a guy on there, Yammamoto I think, who is down in your area. I,m in CA. but I ride in Fla all the time with some friends up in the Bradenton area. There is a good spot to ride in North port, its a good drive for you, but its worth it.



I am in the Plantation area. I hope to get a Thumper of my own this summer. I don't mind driving to a good spot.

One friend told me about a state or national park in the central Florida area with lots of trails for bikes and quads. Don't have anymore info yet.


Just found out about an area 10 miles west of Brooksville. It is called Crooms and it is set aside for motosports. 2600 acres of trails.

A year sticker cost 25.00. There are campsites available for 12.00 per night.

The Number I called for Info is 352-754-6896.

I also found a website that had some Florida Tracks.

Hope this helps.

Thanks very much for the phone number and link. I was curious to know how you found this on that site. I looked for it myself but didn't find it and I want to figure out what I'm doing wrong.


I did'nt find the Crooms spot on that website. I can't remember how I found the Cromms info.

I just thought the was a nice site to keep an eye on. It would be nice to get a comprehensive list of places to ride.


I use to live in Plantation and I found the best riding area was up at the Kirton Ranch on north side of Lake Okeechobee. It's about a 2.5 hour drive but it was well worth it. They have a nice motocross track and about 20 miles of trails. This is where they hold the first GNCC race of the year.

Here is a link for a description of the track and some driving directions. Have fun...


99 YZ400

I don't have contact info yet, but word is that there is a land owner in Delray with 96 achres who will let people ride there for $10/day. I heard this from the salesman at the dealer when I picked up my wifes bike today. Unfortunately he didn't know how to get in touch with the guy or exactly where the land was located (another customer mentioned it to him). If I can find out I'll definitely post the info.

There is also a motorcross and hair scrambles track at the same location (also a flat track car race track there) in Okeechobee. I don't know the name yet. I have to stop talking to people in a hurry and start getting the details. :) I will post when I have more info!

The place in Okeechobee is the Kirton Ranch. I put a link to it in my previous post. Best place to ride within a resonable drive from S. Florida.


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