HELP with 426 conversion!

I am converting a 2001 YZ426F to street legal supermoto. I installed the WR rotor and base assy, and now I have no spark. I triple checked all my wiring, all good. Perform all the ohm tests on the coil pick-up, all checks out good. The technician at the dealer checked the part, they said it checked out good. When I put the old stuff back in, perfect spark... Any advice would be greatly appreciated, feel free to ask me questions to get more info! Thanks in advance!

Did you use a WR cdi box with your WR stator?

You need to mod the stator for it to work with YZ CDI, call us and i will tell you how.

Thank:worthy:s Mike, worked like a charm... Bike runs GREAT!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!! :smirk:

Your Welcome!

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