yz450f for every day?

Have any of you guys been to Nicaragua ? The roads here are really bad,a crotchrocket will get messed up quickly. I don't want to convert it,I just want to put a head light on it.I wanted the wr450 but it the one i was going to buy was just sold. I found a ktm450exc but not sure if it will service me the way I want.iv never had a ktm. Parts I can buy them in Florida.here in Nicaragua they sell parts for the The wr450 but most of them I'll be buying them in the us. Dose the ktm share parts with the yamaha?

Dose the ktm share parts with the yamaha?
Yup. The tires, handlebars, and grips are all interchangeable.

The lighting issue is not the problem most people make it out to be. What you have to consider is how long do you honestly think you will ride in the dark in an average night. I do a lot of night riding and don't think I've ever run more than 4 actual engine hours in the desert. That said, a pair of Trailtech lithium 6600 mah batteries should do you for right around 4 hours if driving a 35 watt hid setup. They are not cheap (about $110 each), but dollarwise trying to convert a YZ to a WR ignition is a losing proposition. HID components are cheap and halogen to hid conversion of some lights is very simple. I'm willing to bet you have some pretty awesome singletrack in Nicaragua as well.

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