Problem with Kick start 2003 YZ450f

Hey guys Im a newbie with the dirtbike sceen. Been riding motorcycles for a couple of years, but anyways I recently aquired a 2003 YZ450f with a frozen crank and missing cylinder.

I purchased a new cylinder, crankshaft kit, bearings and gasket set. I rebuilt the motor as I read through the owner manual about 30 times.

Everything seemed to go well. I put the bike back together. Pumped the kick start a few times to get the oil circulated then put the plug in to attempt a start.

I jump on the bike to start it and the kick start goes down and doesnt come up. I tried a couple of times and I goes down and gets kinda stuck and then I have to bring the kick start up manually.

Now my question is, could the kick start spring be shot in the kick start assembly? Can I just replace the spring on the kick start or do I have to shovel out the money for a brand new assembly? This bike hasnt ran in years and when I took the kick start crank assembly out the spring had tension on it. It was like someone tried kickstarting this with a frozen crank and then the spring had tension left on it for quite some time.

I was reading and these seem to be a common problem. Can you use a yfz450 kick start kit?

Please any info would be great. Thanks

The spring is listed as available (PN 90508-30743-00), but you should try to determine what's binding it up. Remove the clutch and see if the starter returns properly or still gets stuck with no load on it.

As to the kit, don't know.

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