Have a question about drilling out the baffle

This is regaurding un corking the pig and drilling out the baffle instead of a spending $130.00 on Hondas. Talked to a guy that said it took him and his friend 4 hours to drill out the baffle :) What should I expect, do I buy a 2" bit or what specific size bit. I know to strap the bike down good and oil the bit but four hours??? Im thinking he only wieghs 80 lbs, listens to George Michales and rides a pink vespa with a matching pink suit. That is my only conclusion on how it took them 4 hours. Please help what can I expect?

took me an hour and 2 bimetal holesaws going slow, took the teeth right off them, then i said screw the slow crap and just burned it through the rest of the way in about 2 min (completely screwed holesaw). granted, im not a huge guy but i was pushing almost hard enough to stall a 5.5 amp 1/2 inch drill. You will destroy at least one holesaw unless you go really slow and burn up your drill. 4 hours could be possible if you go slow enough, actually when it got really close i knocked it out with a really fine flat screwdriver and a punch, cant even tell i did it that way. if you can rig something up i would put it in a drillpress if i did it again. i tried cutting oil, but 10w30 seemed to work better but really stinks when it burns. good luck, just buy 2 holesaws to start and take one back if you dont need it. BTW 2" bit is the perfect size, no smaller no bigger. Have fun, dont take it too seriously or hurry or you will go insane. I recommend a case of beer, helps with insanity, just dont ride.

I bought a Milwaukee brand 2" bi-metal hole saw for about 10 bucks at a local hardware store. I used a 18 volt battery powered 1/2" Dewalt drill. I used motor oil for cutting fluid, put about an ounce in the bottom channel where it was going to be cut. Left bike on trailer with tie downs. It took less than 2 minutes to cut the center out. I have cut holes in 3/8" stainless plate with same hole saw and it is still like new. You should never ruin a hole saw cutting this thin of material. The key is cutting fluid to keep it cool and it must be a bi-metal hole saw.

Perfect power tools and beer my kind of fun, Thanks guys I will take everything into play, "bi metal hole saw sound key" Thanks :)

It took less than 2 minutes to cut the center out.

Ditto...thats how we did my buddys 2000, before he got his T-4 system.

I have no idea why some one spent "4 hours"...

i musta had some shitty holesaws, or do the canadian bikes have different steel in the tips? its a mystery, i know of one other guy that burned up a dewalt holesaw doing it too, i burned up 2 crappy tire bimetal holesaws. just took the teeth right off of them, at about maybe 100 rpm before i said screw it. it had lots of oil to cool it too, bottom of the tip had about 1.5 oz in it. just out of curiosity, the guy you talked to, he have a canadian bike? strange that some get it cut out quickly while it takes forever for others. hope you have one of the easier ones. good luck, JR

Hey I used the hole saw and cut mine out in less than 60.332 seconds. :) So maybe Canadian bikes have gremlins.

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