2010 link (07wr450)

I purchased the 2007 WR link and installed it last night. It lowered the rear 10mm as stated. Since I was goofing off anyway i decided to measure the angle of the forks. This is more like a bicycle reading, but interesting none the less. It appears that the angle changed from ~63 degrees to ~64 deg. (1-1.5 deg less steep). Not that this is surprising, just thought I'd let those that like this sort of thing analyze it a little i.e. what happens to rake, trail, CG etc.

I have not had a chance to ride it yet.

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Head angle is actually expressed as degrees from vertical, rather than from horizontal as you posted it, so the angles would be 26 and 27 degrees. I think you may also have reversed your numbers since 64 (actually 26) is steeper than 63 (actually 27).

Making the head angle one degree more shallow will make the bike less willing to turn, and more prone to push, as a general rule, so it seems counterproductive to me to go from the quicker handling of the new bike back toward the more reluctant character that the older YZF's have been so roundly criticized for. True, they are very different that the old bikes, but I would think one would want to spend some time adjusting one's style to make use of that, rather than making the bike more like what you're used to.

OTOH, dropping the rear gives you the option of dropping the front by raising the forks, so that you can leave the fork at the new angle, raise the fork 10mm to restore it to stock, or adjust it to some point in between.

Finally got to ride!

Honestly the bike did not seem all that much different to me after installing the link. I am running 105 for sag. The track was really rough and I could tell that it was somewhat more stable, and still turned well. Overall I liked the less twitchy/turning feeling. It was a subtle change I liked. Not nearly the same feeling as running the sag at 115 or greater. To me with that much sag, the bike felt really "wallowy". Overall it was worth the $104

Have you changed the fork height, as well?

Forks are at 5 mm now. Think I might like them better at 0. I tend to steer with the rear more than the front.

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