Hi there. New member from Europe.

Hi. I am from Portugal and just got here. Seems like a nice place to get in touch with TT nuts. I have a question. Does any company produces racing cams for the 426?? I want to install a set but cant find any. Will i need a high compression piston??

Thanks in advance. :)

I don't have an answer to your question, but welcome to TT anyway! :)

We are nice to everyone execpt the french. :)

Try www.hotcamsinc.com.


Welcome to ThumperTalk. :)

Don't worry about buying racing cams for your bike, just jet it properly.

If you really want to swap cams get the new YZ450 cams and put them in your bike.

Do a search and you'll find lots of info on it. Easier starting and more usable power are the results I've read about.

Hey Beezer...heheheh...i know why. :)

Thanks for the inputs guys. I`ll check what seems better, aftermarket cams or the 450 set. :D

I think the hot set up is the 450 cams.

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