positive endorsement - Myler's

Just a quick note to any of you that have had the unfortunate experience of a smashed or bent radiator. After a severe right side entanglement with a 2stroke YZ250 2 weekends ago, my radiator was smashed real good. I called Yamaha & all discount parts warehouses to see that a new right side radiator would cost me 200-240 bucks. No one had one in stock including the Yamaha warehouse. I sent to Myler's Radiator repair in Utah on tues, received it back by fri. I couldn't tell the difference between repaired & new. These folks rock! I have to say that this was, by far the best repair experience & greatest customer service I have received from any Motorcycle service recently. Heck, the shipping cost more than the repair. They definitely have a repeat customer, although I hope I won't have to see them soon. Myler's info is in the back of all dirtbike magazines in the ad section.

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