Removing the stock trip meter

For those of you who have removed or replaced the sock trip meter, what do you put in place of the gear drive on the hub? Is there some sort of spacer that comes on the YZ which i could use in place of the gear? :)



Just buy the YZ spacer that replaces it on the YZ426f and there will be no problem. That is what I did. Other guys just leave the gear there and put a little rubber cap on the top to close the little hole.

Thanks math, thats what I'll do.

Would you be interested in selling your tripmeter/odometer or are you going to hang on to it? Thanks!

Check out Barnums Pro Products, they make a trick cool blue speedo eliminater. I purchased one and it's the bomb :)

Here's the link:

Barnums Speedo Eliminater

BTW: (kc14y) I currently have my stock trip meter and many other WR450 parts for sale on eBay, search WR 450 and you'll find it. makes this slick little unit


Odometer Eliminator 98-01 Yamaha 400/426 WR & 01 WR 250

Code: 21-03

Price: $34.95

I put one on years ago. Looks to be about the same as the one mentioned above. Except if you dont like the blue anadized one you can get this one.

KC14y, How much would you want to buy it for? I planned on keeping it but I guess if someone wanted to buy it for a sum that would substantailly offset the price of a new Trail Tech computer then I would consider it. Let me know what you had in mind.

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