Fixed leaky fork seal - what about replacing oil?

I used the advice for sliding a 35mm negative under the seal to stop it from leaking :) (1998 WR400) However, I'm a little confused after reading the manual. It sounds like there is oil in both the top and bottom parts of the fork. If so, then, I would guess that what leaked out was from the top only. Is this refilled by removing the cap on the top of the fork? Also, to replace the oil completely, do the forks need to be removed and taken apart?

The oil in the bottom gets in from the top. You will have to take the fork apart to get the right oil level. You have to remove the top cap and spring. Read the manual several times and it may make sense. You will need a thin 14mm end wrench to hold back on shaft to get the cap off. You will make your oil level measurement with the fork collapsed completely with the spring out. If you want to change all the oil, hold the fork upside down and work the piston in and out. It gets easier to move as the oil is removed. Prepare for a mess. When you add the oil back, add some and work the piston again to get the oil down into the cartridge. Good luck.

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