WR426F on a motorcross track?

How does the WR426F hold up on a motorcross track? I bought mine maily for trail riding etc. But curious how it would hold up on a motorcross track? And what adjustments would I have to make to it from stock setup as far a suspension is concerned?


I have ran my WR450 on the track, stiffened up my suspension by 4 clicks on compression, the upper mount on the shock, and the bottom of the forks. This is a good place to start. I hear lots of guys talk about taking off the kick stand but I havn't and I jump pretty good, but it does bounce down, I really should take it off.

The bike is a little heavy for the MX track, thats why I still have a 250 2 smoke, I just ride it when my stepson is in town on leave so we can both ride. It will work though.

You will get more and better responses if you call it Motocross and not Motorcross. There is one guy on the forum that lives in Athabasca Alberta Canada that has your bike all YZ'd and he loves it! :)

Your WR will work fine on the moto track. Like was said before, stiffen up the suspension on both ends a few clicks for both compression and rebound. I take my kick stand off for the track and this is a big one: dont fill that tank to the brim. You will only be on the track for 10-20 mins at a time anyway so save a few pounds and just put a splash in there.

Motocross, how is that? You know I have never paid any attention to that before. It really does help when doing searches on things when I typed in motocross instead of motorcross. Thanks

Steetmoto, thanks. I will make sure to do that before I take it on the track.

motorcross .. better responses..:) ..my side still hurts :D :D

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